Monday, February 6, 2012

Capturing my creativity

Taking the e courses has really gotten my creativity flowing again. I realized I NEED to spend time in the studio.
I brought out a few unfinished quilts and started working on them again. I also set out my scrapbook and decided to take a page a day or so. Baby steps. I just need to do a little at a time.
Here are some of the quilt pieces.
My not so wonky blocks in blue - I have 6 - 14 inch blocks done. I need maybe 3 more? I have not decided. It is a WIP that has been going on for about a year.

Another Year Long WIP. It is a quilt I started for Layla - I MUST finish this before that child turns 18! I have enough of the blocks on the right done. I am designing and cutting the blocks on the left. 

Because I can not have actually finish any projects without starting a new one! Geesh - Fabrics for a new quilt. Yes, I know  - I have issues. Yes - that is a chocolate cupcake in the upper left hand corner. My Em made them and they are delish!  
What are you creating today?

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